Message to Governor and State Reps

Dear Governor and State Representatives,


My name is Joe McAuliffe, I represent the Little League Programs of District 8, composed of Tolland, Enfield, Ellington, Vernon/Rockville, Windsor Locks, East Windsor, Windsor, Manchester, Somers, Suffield and South Windsor.  I have been in this role for 5 years. 


I am writing to you to discuss the League’s desire to restart League play in these towns once the State re-opens on or around May 20th.  We understand that all League play has been halted until May 11th or later based on local and state authorities.  We appreciate all the tireless work you and your department have put into ensuring that all of CT families are safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.  We as a League believe that getting children out, engaging in outdoor athletic activities in a safe manner will improve their mental and physical health.  We have identified some potential safety provisions to be adopted during this spring/summer season, if allowed, to mitigate risk to the coaches, players and families:

  • Games will be scheduled with 1-hour gaps in between games; this will allow for deep cleaning of the catchers equipment, balls and dug out area, will also provide space for spectators and players to leave the fields before the next round enters
  • All players, coaches and umpires will have temperature checked prior to each game, if anyone has a fever of 99.4 or above that individual will not be allowed to play or stay at the field and will not be able to return until symptom free without fever for at least 72 hours without the use of fever reducing medication.  The Safety Officer will be notified and will keep a line list of these individuals
  • There will be no sales from the Concession stand.
  • Spectators will be limited to parents and siblings only
  • Spectators will be required to position their chairs (bleachers will be roped off or removed from fields) there will be painted spaces 6 feet apart.  If a spectator does not abide by this very clear guideline, they will be required to leave
  • Dug outs will not be utilized as they have been in the past, there will be 2 coaches only allowed on the field at any time.  1 in the dugout and one on the field.  3 children will be allowed in the dugout at any time, there will be clear 6-foot markings to space them inside the dugout.  These spots will be used for on deck hitters.
  • All player equipment will be utilized by only the individual player, no sharing of equipment
  • Catchers equipment if it has to be shared will be thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate disinfectant agent such as a peroxide based cleaner in between players if they need to switch, game will need to be halted until this process is completed and equipment has completed the drying kill time of the agent, peroxide based agents are 90 seconds in spray form.  We do have a Coach who has access to this agent. 
  • When players are not on deck, they will have a designated waiting area 6 feet apart along the fencing outside the dugout.
  • Games will end with a ceremonial song rather than player handshakes
  • Huddles will not occur at the end of games, zoom calls will be held instead post game if a coach desires.
  • Umpires will call the game 6 feet behind the pitcher.
  • Catchers if in the correct position are already 6 feet from the batter (could have the catcher wear a surgical mask if needed)
  • Coaches can also wear masked if needed.
  • Hand sanitizing station will be located on the outside of each dugout, players and coaches will be required to use this station in between each inning.
  • Safety Officer or designee will be on hand at ALL games to allow for strict enforcement of all of the above outlined rules, there will be a zero tolerance policy that will be signed by all players and parents/guardians prior to the season start.  If a rule is violated, they will be asked to leave.


Thank you again for all your hard work!!  We truly appreciate the ability to even have this discussion given the nature of this pandemic, again because of all your hard work.  We want to continue to allow for safety which is of our highest concern yet continue to give these kids some sense of normalcy which will be modified given the outline above.

Please let me know if you want to have a zoom meeting on this topic.




Joe McAuliffe

Little League District Administrator CT 8




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