Explanation of Pool Play & Tie Breakers

At least 4 teams from each division will advance to the Elimination round, in the case of two pools the top 2 advance. Each team will play at least 4 games of pool play. Each team that advances out of the pool will play a single elimination round, we added a double elimination round where time permitted.  Tie breakers will be determined as described by Little League International:




For clarification:


The seedings at the end of pool play will be determined by:

  1. Record in Pool Play
  2. Head to head record in Pool Play, used only if records are tied
  3. Usinging Runs-Allowed Ratio, used only if 1 and 2 don't determine a winner.

When 4 teams come out of the pool the fallowing schedule will be used:

  • Team seeded 1st plays team seeded 4th
  • Team seeded 2nd will play team seeded 3rd
  • The top seed is the host team

When there are two pools (A and B), Top two teams from each pool come out.

  • Team seeded 1st in Pool A will play Team seeded 2nd in Pool B
  • Team seeded 1st in Pool B will play Team seeded 2nd in Pool A
  • If two number 1's meet at any time during the elimination round the host site will be determined by a coin flip.



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CT Little League District 8 2015