2017 Tournament Umpiring

Purpose:  This plan has been designed with the intent to provide fair, neutral umpiring throughout all levels of the District 8 Tournament as well as to equitably distribute the umpiring duties to all towns within the district.


Plan:  Each Team in a District 8 Baseball Tournament will be required to provide a proportional share of umpire crews which would not umpire games in which that town participates. At least 2 umpires per team in Tournament.


Example:  Last year in the District 8 “Little League 11-12” division tournament there were 16 teams.  Pool A had 6 teams, Pool B had 5 teams and Pool C had 5 teams.  During pool play there were a total of 35 games played and during the double elimination portion there were 11 games played for a total of 46 games played.


Under this plan, each of the teams entered would provide 3 umpire crews with 2 teams providing 2 umpire crews throughout the tournament (3 X 16 = 48 - 2 = 46).  The District 8 Umpire-in-Chief would schedule the games that each entered team was responsible for – ensuring that the crew from Town “A” would be scheduled for a game between Town “B” and Town “C” on a night when Town “A” did not have a game scheduled in that division.


Thus, if Town “A”  has 1 team entered in the 11-12 tournament, 1 team entered in the 10-11 tournament and 1 team in the 9-10 tournament – that Town would be responsible for providing an umpire crew for approximately 9 games.  Under no circumstances will an umpire crew be permitted to officiate a game played by a team from a their town.  For example, an umpire crew from Manchester National would not ump a game played by Manchester National or Manchester American.


While it is highly recommended that umpire crews consist of 3 umpires, the discretion to allow 2-man umpire crews would lie with the Umpire-in-Chief.


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